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Apple eyes solar to power the cloud and iPhone6 sapphire manufacturing
The company, which once drew fire from campaigners for working conditions in China and heavy reliance on fossil fuels, is now leading other technology companies in controlling its own power supply and expanding its use of renewable energy.
Iran post sanctions Energy and Environment
Iranian Association for Energy Economics International Conference Iran post sanctions Energy and Environment 8 - 9 March 2014 Tehran – Iran
A breath of fresh air
A breath of fresh air: Clever gadget transforms the air from your lungs into energy to charge your phone
UK Tests Next-Generation Offshore Wind Turbines
LONDON -- UK energy Minister Greg Barker officially opened a new extension to the 172 MW Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm this week. The new site is located next to the existing wind farm, 8.5 km off the coast of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex.
Regulating Electron 'Spin' May Be Key to Making Organic Solar Cells Competitiv
Aug. 7, 2013 — Organic solar cells, a new class of solar cell that mimics the natural process of plant photosynthesis, could revolutionise renewable energy -- but currently lack the efficiency to compete with the more costly commercial silicon cells.
Algae.Tec in deal to convert NSW coal plant CO2 into biofuel
ASX-listed Australian biofuel company Algae.Tec has signed a groundbreaking deal with NSW government-owned power company Macquarie Generation to site an algae carbon capture and biofuel production facility alongside a 2640MW coal-fired power plant in the Hunter Valley.
Growth Capital: The renewable energy inventor whose tiles were made for walking
How London’s entrepreneurs are bucking the economic gloom Anyone who walks into Pavegen’s headquarters near King’s Cross railway station will find their footsteps triggering the tinkling of piano keys. It’s not exactly what you’d expect when entering the offices of a renewable energy business. The company’s founder, Laurence Kemball-Cook, explains: “It’s your movement that’s playing that piano.”
How to Clean Seaweed from Beaches: Dry It and Use the Biomass for Energy
May 3, 2013 — A research group at the University of Alicante (Spain) has invented an algae removal and treatment system that turns this underused residue into a renewable source of energy: biomass. The process involves several stages of washing, drying and compacting without leaving the beach. Therefore, according to the team led by Professor Irene Sentana Gadea, the system is cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than the procedure commonly followed now.
Can North Africa Light Up Europe with Solar Power?
A plan to power Europe via massive solar arrays in the North African desert is more than a mirage but less than a reality
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